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Kellan Jansen

Updated Jul 13, 2022

When making the choice to become a concealed carrier, there are many important safety and legal concerns to take into account. One of the best ways to protect yourself and keep those around you safe, while still being able to keep your gun on you at all times, is to use a holster. However, most holsters on the market can become bulky or even painful when you wear them all day. Not to mention a low quality holster with low retention can even become dangerous overtime. That’s why finding the right holster for you is so important. Today we will be reviewing one of the more popular holster brands: Alien Gear Holsters.

There are two main things that set Alien Gear Holsters apart from the crowd. First, as a company Alien Gear does a fair amount of charity work by donating to different educational and sports programs. Secondly Alien Gear provides a lifetime warranty for the products they sell. As gun owners themselves, the founders of Alien Gear understand the need for quality when it comes to holsters and are not willing to give their consumers a faulty product. If the holster ever ends up having some kind of issue, the company will do whatever they can to fix the problem. 

Also with such a huge selection of products, you will have no problem finding the right holster for your specific needs. Not to mention the fact that these holsters are exceptionally comfortable to wear. Because they were designed with gun owners in mind, they are super lightweight and padded against the skin with a sweat wicking neoprene style material. The only minor drawback to these holsters is that, because they use a softer backing instead of the usual plastic, it may take an extra few seconds to put your gun back in the holster. But with some practice you can quickly get used to this style of holster. Overall, Alien Gear Holsters seem to live up to the hype and are a great investment for anyone looking to carry a firearm. 

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